Caravan Towing Training Surrey and Hampshire

Caravan Towing Sessions are aimed at all caravan users, whether you’re looking to buy a caravan and want to gain the necessary skills to be able to tow and reverse, or you may be a well-seasoned user but want to improve certain aspects such as reversing.

  • The Training sessions include:
  • How to hitch your caravan safely.
  • Loading your caravan safely.
  • Reversing skills and techniques.
  • The importance of weight distribution.
  • On-Road driving techniques in a variety of situations.

The sessions are designed to build up your confidence when towing. The Sessions can be carried out using your own vehicle, of which a spare rear number plate would be needed to be able to go out on the road, or you can use Matt’s 2020 SsangYong Musso pick-up (manual transmission), just speak to matt beforehand for your requirements. It can also be carried out using your own caravan, or one of Matt’s trailers (the reversing methods are the same irrespective of whatever you are towing!).

Matt’s training ground is at Farnborough, close to the Surrey/Hampshire border where he has a large tarmac area – ideal for practising that reversing!

Unlike some caravan club courses where you are in groups of up to six! Yes, six to one training, Matt’s training is done on a one-to-one basis. This means you get much more training covered in the duration and therefore reach a higher, safer standard and you will leave much more confident! Over the years Matt has had many people come to him who have disappointingly taken a caravan club course first where they were in large groups, meaning most of the time they were just watching others practice. With Matt’s courses, you get 100% attention. If there are two of you, this is not a problem!

Matt is a DVSA Fleet Driver Trainer meaning not only is he already DVSA Approved Driving Instructor, but also fully qualified to provide training to full licence holders – i.e. Yourself! Did you know anyone can offer training for towing even though they have no formal qualifications themselves?  This, unfortunately, includes many so-called trainers from the caravan clubs! Yes really! As a Fleet Driver Trainer Matt is in the top 5% of trainers in the country, qualified to give you the training you deserve!


Matt’s courses have been featured in Auto Express Magazine, May 2022


Still unsure? Take a look at his reviews by previous clients to see how easy Matt makes it!