Driving Lessons Aldershot, Farnborough & Surrounding Areas


Matt is able to offer driving lessons for those looking for manual car lessons in the local area.

Please note – as Matt also offers training in other categories, Flexibility for times is key on your part, often suited to those who already have some driving experience but need to brush up on parts for the test etc.

Matt uses a manual transmission diesel Ford C-Max which is the same as a Ford Focus, just slightly taller giving excellent visibility.

The test centres that Matt covers are Farnborough and Guildford only.


Is it Better to Have 1, 1.5 or 2-Hour Driving Lessons?

1.5 or 2-hour driving lessons are far better for you because you’ll make much more efficient use of the time and money. The reasons why a 1.5 or 2-hour driving lesson is better than a 1-hour lesson is because:

  • You’ll receive approximately 3 times more practical driving experience
  • It’s better value for money
  • You’ll cover a greater variety of roads
  • You’ll encounter a greater variety of traffic conditions

More Practical Driving Experience

You’ll receive approximately 3 times more practical driving experience in a 2-hour lesson, compared to a 1-hour lesson. The reason for this is as follows.

For example, let’s take a driving lesson where the instructor is going to introduce roundabouts. The instructor will begin the lesson with a recap on the previous lesson and will run through any questions you may have.

The instructor will then introduce roundabouts as being today’s driving lesson, where a lesson briefing will begin. This includes showing diagrams of the different types of roundabouts, how they work, what you, the learner driver should do and safety procedures. From when the lessons starts, to finding an appropriate area to park up and carry out the lesson briefing, it can take up to 30 minutes before you start on roundabouts.

If you have a 1-hour driving lesson, you’ll only have the remaining 30 minutes for practical driving experience. On a 2 hour lesson, you have 1 and a half hours’ worth of driving experience and that makes a lot of difference.

Better Value for Money

Based on the fact that you’ll receive more practical driving experience with a 2-hour driving lesson as detailed above, you will need 3 x 1-hour driving lessons to cover the same amount of driving experience that you will receive in a 1 x 2-hour driving lesson. Therefore 2-hour driving lessons are far better value for money.

Greater Variety of Roads

If you start your driving lessons from the same location each time; from home, college or work, it’s likely that you’ll also want to finish at the same location. After the initial lesson briefing, the short time you have for practical driving means you’re limited on distance travelled and that means you may not cover the greater variety of roads that you might in a 2-hour lesson.

The greater the variety of roads that you cover during your driving lessons not only increases your chances of passing the driving test, but the experience will help to make you a safer, more confident driver after you have passed the test.

Greater Variety of Traffic Conditions

For the same reasons as above, you’re far more likely to experience a greater variety of traffic conditions during a 2-hour driving lesson. For the driving test, the test centre manager plans out test routes that will challenge the learner driver to as many varied roads and traffic conditions as possible.

During an ideal driving lesson, you’ll need to begin the lesson from your pickup point, have the lesson briefing, and then experience the test routes and traffic conditions that you’ll be taken on during your test. This could be some distance away from your pickup location and may only be possible in a 2-hour lesson.

Gaining experience with various traffic conditions, particularly around the routes that you’ll be taking on your driving test will considerably increase your chances of passing.



As Matt is often out on the road, the best way to contact is via the online contact page where Matt can then return your enquiry outside of training sessions. Phone calls cannot be answered when training.


Lessons are charged at a straightforward £40/hour with either a 1.5-hour (£60) or 2-hour (£80) duration recommended.