Trailer Towing Awareness Courses in Surrey and Hampshire

Here at Matt Price Driver Training, we continue to offer Trailer Towing Awareness Courses for both private individuals as well as corporate business clients. As there is no longer the stipulation to train to pass the test only, this allows the courses to be tailored to each client’s needs, using their own equipment, or one of the various trailers I have for training.

For private individuals, this will give you invaluable experience, skills and knowledge before taking to the road, towing by yourself. After all, you will be towing something precious to you whether it be your horse, a race car, etc.

For businesses although from a DVLA licencing point of view, anyone can now tow without mandatory formal training, this does not satisfy the Health & Safety Executive and so our HSE-compliant training courses enable staff to work with and tow heavy trailers safely and efficiently allowing businesses to be compliant with rules such as the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Provision and use of work equipment Regulations 1998, and Road Traffic Acts, for example. The benefits to your business include Compliance with Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Compliance with Provision and use of work equipment Regulations 1998, Improved driver satisfaction, Less downtime due to maintenance and repairs, Savings on fuel, tyres and spares, Enhanced company image.

Previous clients include utility companies, councils, tree surgeons, mobile caterers, park rangers, landscape gardeners, builders, horse riders, mechanics, car racers, caravan users and the list goes on and on.

Whether you are towing a flatbed trailer, plant trailer, horsebox, caravan or boat, these courses cover every aspect of towing along with trailer type specifics.

The Training

Carried out to the same high standards of the former B+E Trailer Test, the modules include: reversing, uncoupling & re-coupling, safe loading, on-road driving techniques, defensive driving, enhanced hazard awareness skills, roadworthiness and basic maintenance checks. Matt’s training ground is at Farnborough, close to the Surrey/Hampshire border where he has a large tarmac area – ideal for practising that reversing!

A vehicle & appropriate trailer is supplied for the training but where possible it is recommended for the client to use their own vehicle where possible due to familiarisation. This gives the advantage of the training and practical skills being tailored to the client’s own real-life situations including various vehicle and trailer combinations as well as site and road situations clients will come across.

Available trailers for the training courses are 10x5ft box trailer, a 16x6ft6 Ifor Williams Tri-Axle Flatbed, and an Ifor Williams HB505 horse trailer.

The training sessions are based on a one-to-one basis, unlike some courses where you are in groups of up to six! Yes, six to one training! This means you get much more training covered in the duration and therefore reach a higher, safer standard and you will leave much more confident! Over the years Matt has had numerous people come to him who have disappointingly taken a course elsewhere first where they were in large groups, meaning most of the time they were just watching others practice. With Matt’s courses, you get 100% attention! However, where required, the training courses can be tailored around pairs if there are two of you. This gives the advantage of learning from each other and increased course duration, especially useful for when both have little or no experience with trailers, or for corporate customers who want their staff to gain a much higher standard overall.

Matt is a DVSA Fleet Driver Trainer meaning not only is he already DVSA Approved Driving Instructor, but also fully qualified to provide training to full licence holders – i.e. Yourself! Did you know anyone can offer training for towing even though they have no formal qualifications themselves?  This, unfortunately, includes many so-called trainers from some of the well-known caravan clubs! Yes really! As a Fleet Driver Trainer Matt is in the top 5% of trainers in the country, qualified to give you the training you deserve!

Training sessions take roughly 3.5-4.5hrs in duration or a bit longer if there are two of you.  The vast majority find that just one session is adequate and Matt will advise at the end of the session if a 2nd session is advisable.


For those who will be towing for work purposes, a documented risk assessment and certification are also included.


Please contact us for further information.


Matt’s courses have been featured in Auto Express Magazine, May 2022