Right first time. Just what was needed. Thanks Matt.
Chris, October 2018
Fantastic instructor - easy to get booked in, friendly and simple approach. I had a two day intensive course to take me from no experience at all to passing my test!! Highly recommend to anyone looking to take their B & E test!!
David, October 2018
Matt guided me thru my Trailer course and helped me remember all those driving habits that I needed to pass my test 1st time. He’s relaxed and calm and that certainly helps and being able to do it all in a half day is amazing. If your considering it, don't wait, just do it, you wont regret it
Daniel, October 2018
Very professional and skilled instructor. Explained everything in a way that made it simple to understand and use whilst driving. Would recommend Matt to everyone who is thinking about doing their trailer licence.
Steve, October 2018
Excellent instructor. Would recommend!
Adam, October 2018
Matt was so patient and explained everything really well. I had never driven a trailer ever before and after the intense course was delighted to pass first time!
Natalie, August 2018
Excellent instruction and preparation for the test, I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to take their trailer test.
Russell, August 2018
Matt is a brilliant instructor who helped me pass my test first time! I was very nervous about taking the test but he clearly explained every aspect of the test and made the whole thing seem simple.
Charlotte, May 2018
Matt is a great instructor. He helped me to pass my trailer towing test first time! He has a great vehicle set up, very professional and extremely knowledgeable! I would highly recommend!
Tom, May 2018
Having never towed a trailer before I went to Matt for tuition. My biggest concern was the reversing part of the test, but with Matt's clear instruction he made it easy. And after only one day of training to iron out the bad habits picked up from 10 years of driving I passed my test first time. Most highly recommended.
Jack, April 2018