The Test

The test takes roughly 90 minutes to complete and is carried out at Vocational test Centres. The test is very similar to the HGV Test and you may find you take your test at the same time as other HGVs.

The test is made up of four sections and can be carried out in any order:
Vehicle Safety Questions, On Road Driving, Reversing Manoeuvre, Uncoupling and re-coupling exercise


You will be asked 5 questions of which some will be a demonstration and others will be an explanation. If you have taken your Car test in the last few years these will be the same questions as you would have got for your test, with the addition of a few more aimed at the trailer.


You will be asked to reverse the trailer in a restricted space. The examiner will show a diagram of the manoeuvring area and explain what is required. You must show you can reverse under control and in a reasonable time, show good all round observation with reasonable accuracy.


The on road part of the test will last approximately 50 minutes to one hour, and will include a wide variety of roads and traffic conditions. You will be expected to demonstrate that you can move off smoothly and safely both uphill and downhill, and move off normally from the side of the road and at an angle.

The practical driving test will include approximately ten minutes of independent driving where you will be asked to follow road signs or a series of instructions.
You must show you can safely meet other vehicles, overtake, cross the path of other vehicles, keep a safe distance, negotiate various types of roundabout, exercise correct lane discipline. Etc.
You must show courtesy and consideration to other motorists, and all other road users including pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, etc. You will also be required to demonstrate effective use of mirrors, correct use of signals, alertness and anticipation, correct use of speed, observation of speed limits, care in the use of the controls to reduce mechanical wear and tear.

The standard of driving required must be to the highest possible level and better than when you took your car test. Do not underestimate the standard of driving required!


The candidate will be asked to uncouple the trailer and park the vehicle next to the trailer.

The examiner will then ask the candidate to re-couple as if the trailer is “unfamiliar” to them.

On both the uncoupling and re-coupling there is a high emphasis on safety, with various checks required to be carried out at the correct times doing the exercise.