Trailer Towing Courses

All training offered for the B+E Test covers the different aspects as set out by the DVSA, including: Un-Coupling & Re-Coupling, On Road Driving & Test Route Familiarisation, Reversing Manoeuvres, Safe Loading, Towing & The Law. The On-Road driving section is the part which most find is the hardest section, irrespective of how much experience they have had with trailers. The driving section of the test lasts for about an hour and requires the candidate to drive at the highest standard achievable – something that is easier said than done with years of ‘bad habits’ creeping in!

Do not underestimate the standard of driving required to pass!

Matt’s training is given in the form of intensive courses, enough hours each day to be able to take all of the information in, but not so much that you are brainwashed and exhausted by the end of the day!  All training offered is designed to ensure you achieve the required standard to pass the B+E Test. Matt’s training caters for all levels of experience from beginners to daily users. The test centre used is Guildford Driving Test Centre.

Matt’s courses include

  • The relevant training
  • Use of new training vehicle and trailer on training and test
  • The DVSA Test fee(s) where applicable
  • Use of large tarmac training ground
  • Many years of in-depth knowledge of the B+E Test
  • Test route familiarisation

Many companies who offer B+E training do not offer all of these as a package, with many not even having their own vehicle, trailer or training ground to use! There are even some companies who say you need lots of hours training to pass the test – this is simply untrue and the significantly high consistent pass rate speaks for itself!

The vehicle supplied for the training and test is a 2020 Ssangyong Musso pick-up with manual transmission, attached to an Ifor Williams BV105 twin axle box trailer that’s all included in the cost of the course. However, if you have an automatic and have no intention of using a manual for towing in the future then the training and test can be done using your car attached to Matt’s trailer. Just something to point out is that currently if you pass the B+E using an automatic, you will only be licenced to tow using an automatic, but this rule is due to be changed in the future removing the automatic limitation.


An assessment is initially required for Matt to see exactly what you can already do with trailers, or if you are a beginner, how quickly you get to grips with the reversing, etc. Everyone learns at different speeds – some quicker, some longer, so come along and see how you get on!  Carried out at his training ground in Farnborough, these can be booked in at reasonably short notice and normally take around 1.5hrs, costing just £60.

Training Courses for Individuals

  • The One Day Course is only for those who can already reverse trailers confidently and have a good knowledge of Guildford and surrounding areas with a high standard of driving shown on the assessment. This course concentrates mainly on the on-road driving section, but briefly covering the reversing manoeuvre and uncoupling & re-coupling, etc. Training is conducted in the morning with the test around late morning/lunchtime on the same day.
  • The Two Day Course is generally for those who have some experience in reversing trailers but is also ideal for those who are not so familiar with the area. Because more time allocated to reversing and test route familiarisation, this is always the most popular course. The training is usually over 2 days with the test usually around late morning/lunchtime on the 2nd day.
  • The Three Day Course is generally for those who have no experience in reversing trailers. Training is over 3 days, allowing plenty of time to cover all aspects with test usually around late morning/lunchtime on the 3rd day.

Intensive courses for pairs

Due to the current DVSA guidance on training with multiple candidates in vehicles, pairs courses are currently unavailable due to the social distancing issues.

Saturday Tests

Saturday tests are only sometimes available, but when they are, there is an additional cost of £30 due to the higher test fee.


The costs for the courses are competitive, and so are not published as they are significantly cheaper than the larger training companies. To find out how much you could save, please contact Matt directly. Remember Matt will get you through your test in just one to three days training depending on your level of experience!


In the unlikely event of you needing a re-test, Matt will discuss with you what would be the best options available for your circumstances, but with one of the highest pass rates in the area you are far more likely to pass with Matt.

To book up or to discuss which course would be suitable for your requirements, please contact Matt


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