It was a pleasure learning to tow a trailer and pass the test first time under Matt's guidance. Matt gives you plenty of time to develop your confidence in driving, reversing and doing all the other necessary bits before taking the test. Highly recommend.
Paolo, June 2017
Matt provided a great course, allowing ample time to practice all manoeuvres and driving time. The course notes were in a clear simple layout and were easy to understand, meaning the format of the test and manoeuvres was known from the outset and only had to be applied and practised on the day. Thanks Matt.
Stephen, May 2017
Matt is a good instructor with an eye for detail. He picks out what is necessary for you to pass your trailer course. Thank you.
Tim, March 2017
Top service been driving 19 years so lots of bad habits Matt ironed them out and a pass with 3 minors highly recommend
Toby, March 2017
Excellent training resulting in a pass for me today, very patient with very clear instruction. Highly recommended. Thanks Matt!
Mark, March 2017
Thanks Matt, excellent service! Ben
Ben, March 2017
Successful half day of training followed by the trailer test. Good session covering test specifics and helping me brush up on bad habits. We went through the required manoeuvres until i was happy. Matt provided the perfect tow vehicle and trailer combination, good visibility/ power and relative width to make the experience as easy as possible. Don't underestimate the importance of the correct vehicle/trailer combination. Overall excellent session, objective achieved and very pleasant experience with Matt.
Ed, February 2017
Matt prepared me well for my test and the training was extremely beneficial. You forget how many bad habits you pick up until Matt irons them out. 100% recommend.
Sam, February 2017
Matt wrapped up the whole package in one fun day. I've towed bits a pieces before and with a focused morning of instruction from Matt I felt more than prepared. The test was really enjoyable and I passed first time. Matt knows his stuff and is the best place to start.
Tom, February 2017
Matt Price was fantastic, filled me with confidence. His clear and precise tuition meant I passed my trailer test first time with virtual ease!
Peter, January 2017