Not only did Matt get me through my test with ease but importantly I feel a much better driver after the course and feel totally confident towing my horse in the trailer now! Thanks so much!
Laura, September 2017
Training was exactly what i required, Matt made the training easy as possible. Covered exactly what is in the test with precision, no nasty surprises in the test whatsoever! Absolutely spot on and great value! Recommend!!
Glen, August 2017
I couldn't have passed the test without Matt's help. Full of knowledge and knows best how to apply it to you. I passed with no faults!
Ray, August 2017
Matt was a really good and thorough trainer, very clear and easy to follow. The training was just right for the test and I didn't feel we wasted any time going over things unnecessarily. The level of driving required for the test was incredibly high but I felt very confident going into the test after just 4 hours of training with Matt. Plus I passed first time. There's a good reason his pass rate is almost double the national average. I'd highly recommend Matt for trailer/towing training for the B+E test - and not just because he's one of the cheapest in the area either!
Mark, August 2017
I was able to secure a course and test date quickly through Matt. The lesson itself was a 1 day intensive course where I was able to learn everything needed. Matt strives for perfection, and teaches in a marticulas way that covers all bases. He is able to pick up on small details and get you to think about all necessary aspects to give you the best chance of passing. If you adopt his thinking methods, plan in advance and take your time you'll pass easily. I personally got a clear round in the driving part of the test, and 1 minor in the reversing part which was my own fault! Thanks Matt I hope all goes well for all who choose to train with you. Best, Murray
Murray, August 2017
My wife and I are preparing for a year long caravan excursion and contacted Matt for towing tuition. He's friendly, patient, attentive, soft spoken but diligent, very professional and his advice goes beyond passing the test. We recommend him highly and are now looking forward to our travels having passed the test!
Suhmayah, July 2017
Great instructor and a really easy guy to deal with - a definite recommendation
Chris, July 2017
It was a pleasure learning to tow a trailer and pass the test first time under Matt's guidance. Matt gives you plenty of time to develop your confidence in driving, reversing and doing all the other necessary bits before taking the test. Highly recommend.
Paolo, June 2017
Matt provided a great course, allowing ample time to practice all manoeuvres and driving time. The course notes were in a clear simple layout and were easy to understand, meaning the format of the test and manoeuvres was known from the outset and only had to be applied and practised on the day. Thanks Matt.
Stephen, May 2017
Matt is a good instructor with an eye for detail. He picks out what is necessary for you to pass your trailer course. Thank you.
Tim, March 2017