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Matt is one of the area’s most experienced towing instructors and one of only a handful of full-time trailer instructors in the South East. Each year he successfully put hundreds of people through their B+E Test. Catering for private individuals right up to a large collection of national companies, and along with one of the highest pass rates in the area, you are in the best hands for the test. More people pass their test with Matt than any other trainer in the area! If you have not done so yet, please take a moment to have a look at his top reviews!

Matt is a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and having been teaching towing lessons with a large company for several years he went independent in 2014 and is now one of the most popular trailer instructors in the South East. His highly competitive prices include the DVSA test fee, large tarmac training ground, and the use of vehicle & trailer for both training & test. Not all companies offer all of these!

Coming from an agricultural and equine background he is also heavily involved in the classic vehicle transportation scene and a keen caravan user, and so even out of work time he regularly uses a wide variety of trailers. His in-depth experience and vast knowledge of towing is second to none and ready to be passed onto you, no matter what trailer you will be towing.

The vehicle supplied for the training and test is a 2020 Ssangyong Musso pick-up with manual transmission, attached to Debon C500 twin axle box trailer that’s all included in the cost of the course.



Changes to Licensing rules: Getting manual entitlement from a test using an automatic vehicle.

The Government are introducing new rules for using automatic transmission vehicles for test. This would allow drivers who pass the trailer test in automatic vehicles to drive a manual vehicle in that category, as long as they passed their car test in a manual. It would also anyone that had previously passed in an automatic for the trailer test will be able to upgrade to manual also.


The number of new vehicles with high towing capacity with a manual gearbox is these days is reducing and is now limited to mainly pick-up’s. As a result, there’s little demand for candidates to take a ‘manual’ test compared to those who take a test in an ‘automatic’. The government is introducing this change because most drivers who want to tow a trailer with their car will already have full manual entitlement.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if you have an automatic vehicle that you will be using for towing, the training and test can be done using your car attached to my trailer. This has the benefits of a) knowing the feel of your own vehicle and b) removes the clutch and gear element from the driving which would make things much easier for you on the test! All you would need is a spare number plate for the back of my trailer.

If you wish to use your vehicle for the training and test please let me know when booking.

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